A dream come true for two shelter dogs

A dream come true for two shelter dogs

Three years ago Vera Danker saw a documentary that would change her life and the life of three homeless Israeli dogs.  Vera lives in a picturesque village in Southern Germany.  She saw a documentary on the sad fate of many Cnaani dogs.  They are a very intelligent and independent breed of dog native to Israel.  Because of their nature and because they are very hardy there are thousands born homeless every year, most never find homes.  Well Vera decided she would come to Israel and rescue some of these dogs.  She ended up getting one from another shelter and two from our shelter.  Getting them to Germany was no easy feat,  It was months of paperwork and phone calls, not to mention money, before we finally had permission.  Being the cynic I am I asked Vera what would happen if the adoption didn’t work out, I didn’t want the dogs left homeless and far away.  Her answer was “I have adopted many dogs,I’ve never returned any”

We recently recieved a letter from Vera (with chocolate) that I just had to share:

Dear animal-friends,

A sign of life from Nala and Koka whom i adopted from the JSPCA in 2010.  Enclosed is a photo of them with Zion, a dog adopted from another Jerusalem org.

Nala is intelligent and indepependent, if not always friendly to joggers, children and certain dogs.  She got Diabetes last year after swiping some chocolate and later some cake..  So my daughter gives her an insulin injection every day and she gets special food.  We recently found out it is a genetic strain so she probably always had it, luckily we can treat her.

Koka is very attached to us and loves to lay on my daughters lap.  They all get along with our 12 year old Norweigen hound.  Koka was very nervous when she came to us, sleeping fitfully and growling, but she is much better now.

We have had much snow the last 2 years and the dogs love playing in the meadows around the University of Konstanz and our beautiful lake which borders Switzerland and Austria.

Nala has become more obedient and comes when called, we call her rabbit because of her long ears.  Koka has also become alot more obedient and adores my daughter and myself.  Still she is very independent and has retained her Cnaani nature.

Last year our neighbors, nasty people, complained that we have four dogs and tried to make us get rid of them.  Luckily the judge ruled in our favor and we can keep them.  Our dogs do not make noise, get loads of treats and every one has three soft sleeping places to choose from.  We walk every day about three hours in the surrounding landscape.  We are so happy to have saved these 3 dogs and given them a good life.

Vera Danker


I suggest we keep this picture to ourselves, we dont want the other dogs to feel bad for poor Nala and Koka, missing all the fun in the shelter.


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