Archie and Miriam

Archie and Miriam

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Miriam, or Dolly as she was known at the shelter did not have it easy.

She came to us as a refugee from the North of the country during a period of unrest on the border.

Her “family” fled their home and left her to fend for herself.  Luckily she was picked up by a kind person

and brought to Jerusalem.  She was terrified and it took a few months to rehabilitate her.  Finally she was

well enough to be adopted. We were thrilled.   It didn’t last long and she was brought back when the children tired of her.

Soon an angel arrived from New Jersey, named Archie.  Archie is a dog rescuer at home and on a trip to Israel decided she would

like to rescue an Israeli dog.  Lucky Dolly became Miriam and now spends her days in her forever home with her doggie friends and

human sisters.

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