Choorisas story

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Choorisas story started with a phone call to our rescue hotline from a man claiming that his neighbor was keeping a Cane Corso dog in very bad condition and couldn’t afford to treat her.  The shelter manager said we would take her if the owner signed her over.  We are overcrowded and low on funds (as always) but this sounded like a case that wouldn’t wait.  Choorisa arrived very undernourished with a mouth full of maggots, possibly she wounded herself trying to eat rocks as hungry dogs will do.  She also had cherry eye in both eyes.    This is a congenital defect which can only be treated with surgery.  She also had eye infections.  Choorisa was not in terrible condition because she had been on the street, this was a purebred dog that someone had bought and then neglected, she was starving right outside his home!!!  Choorisa was immediately put on antibiotics and good food, after she had her mouth cleaned up.  A few days later she had eye surgery and she is now recovering and waiting for her forever home.

Needless to say Choorisas former owner is taking no responsibility so once again it falls to the organization to absorb all the expenses.  We are happy to give this loving animal a chance at a good life but we need your help.  Donations can be made from this website through paypal or by phone- 0574700220,1

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