“Be careful, she bites”


This was our introduction to Guza.  Brought to us be a Good Samaritan who explained that she had been living on a farm and was neglected.

We stepped back has he opened the trunk and out she jumped, wagging her tail and ready to make friends.  Although she didn’t always get along with dogs Guza loved people and never even growled, and she loved taking care of puppies.

Guza quickly became a favourite among staff and volunteers because of her winning personality.  Her size, she was almost great dane size, made it hard to find her a home so she stayed at the shelter.  Almost a year passed and we noticed that Guza was losing weight and looking unwell.  After various treatments were unsuccessful she was recently diagnosed with kidney failure.  This condition is always fatal sooner or later and with Guza she went quickly.

We said goodbye on Thursday December 6th, 2012, and it was a sad day for all who knew her.