Leo, the dog who came home

Leo, the dog who came home

As many of you know our shelter was flooded during a downpour this winter and we were forced to evacuate most of our dogs.  Many wonderful people came to our rescue and fostered dogs for the week that the shelter was uninhabitable.

Leo was one of those dogs.  Leo has lived most of is life at the shelter.  He was born outside to a stray, and they were all picked up when the pups were just a few weeks old.  They grew up with us and one by one mom and the pups were adopted.  Leo was the last one of the family left and he became part of our pack at the shelter.

When the rain came Leo was sent to an apartment in Jerusalem.  This was not easy for him, he had never been in a home and city noises scared him.  His foster family took good care of him and gave him lots of love but Leo had a hard time getting used to it.  Ten days after he left the shelter, i got the dreaded call, he had run away.  This is always a fear with nervous dogs.  We searched and called, hung signs and made phone calls but to no avail, he had disappeared.

Five days after he escaped some volunteers were walking dogs outside the shelter.  Suddenly a dog came up and joined the group.  They all had to look twice- Leo had come home!!

It took him five days to make the 15 kilometer trek and he looked a little thin, but he knew exactly where he was going.

He walked right into the shelter and back to his yard and stretched out in his spot.

This was two days ago and leo has been resting and eating and enjoying the sun.

We are so relieved that he is safe, yet sad that this dog is so used to shelter life that a loving.


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