Three East Jerusalem rescue dog from abuse

Three East Jerusalem rescue dog from abuse

Sabas story began late one August night when three boys from East Jerusalem brough thim to the shelter.  They explained that he was hurt and they had taken him from his abuser.  The night watchman had no choice but to take him and make him comfortable till the morninig.  As soon as the vet arrived she took the dog into surgery.  He had a wound on his elbow that had become full of maggots.  Three hours later and hundreds of maggots Saba was on his way to recovery.  He was very thin and hungry so it was importannt to get him into shape.  Saba is getting stronger every day and has had his wound cleaned several times.

Saba is on his way to recovery and with his wonderful personality we are confident he will find a great home.  Of course cases like this are a tremendous burden for the organization since no one pays for the treatment, but we are determined to help those who have no one else.  For this we depend on donations from the caring public.

Donations can be made from the website through paypal or by phone- 0574700221,0574700220

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