Dogs available for adoption.

Age: 1 yr.

קטנה, קטנה, עם אישיות גדולה, עמליה מחפשת את הבית שלה :-) חברותית לכולם, אנרגטית, אוהבת לשחק ולרוץ, להתחבק ולהתנשק, עמליה היא פשוט יצור מקסים, מחפשת את המשפחה הניצחית שלה.לאימוצ

Age: 6 mo.

Bubba is a small dog who has big plans.  He is super friendly and playful.  He is still a puppy so he will need training, but he is so full of love it is surely worth the troub

Age: 1 yr.

Lizard and his siblings were found abandoned when they were tiny and have grown up at the shelter.  He is very sweet and loving, but also stubborn and independent so he needs s

Age: 7 mo.

Loui wins you over as soon as you meet him.  Friendly and playful, he doesnt know why he was abandoned by those he loves.  He is desperate to be in a home again, and will make

Age: 11 mo.

שיבא היא יפהפיה אנרגטית ומלאת שמחת חיים, שרק מחפשת עם מי לשחק, להתחבק ולהתלקק :-) היא לברדורית מעורבת, שממש ממש רוצה כבר בית ומשפחה משלה עליהם תוכל להרעיף כמויות של אהבה!לאימוצ

Age: 6 mo.

סמיילי, כלבה חייכנית ושובבה, מעורבת בכל הדברים הטובים, מחכה לבית משלה שיתן לה הרבה אהבה :-)היא מסתדרת עם כולם אבל עדיין גורה ומעולם לא הייתה בבית, אז עם קצת סבלנות צריך להראות

Age: 6 yr.

Buki was dumped, just like that.  Six years old and suddenly it was just too much to care for her.  She is a real sweetheart and loves people.  She also gets along with dogs.

Age: 4 yr.

Nils was adopted 3 years ago and recently his family decided he no longer suits their needs.  Like an old pair of shoes they brought him back and left him.

Age: 2 yr.
De Rossi was found on the street and brought in to us. He was adopted and brought back when the couldn't manage to train him.
Age: 10 yr.

Sabai is such a sweety and seems to have had bad luck all along.  He is an older dog and was found wandering.  We pulled him from a pound because we know he can be part of a fa