Dogs available for adoption.

Age: 1 yr.

Shemesh is an extremely loving and gentle dog whose family did the unthinkable.  They simply put her in the car drove to a different neighborhood and dumped her.

Age: 2 yr.

Kulio was left outside the shelter, we opened the gate and there he was.  He came in and made himself at home.

Age: 5 mo.

This adorable chihuahua puppy was abandoned in our clinic.  He has a problem with one eye and has had surgery to help.

Age: 2 yr.

This beautiful saluki mix was dumped in a city pound by her family.

She is sweet and obedient and just wants to be part of a family again.

Age: 1 yr.

Fema was found in the desert so she is very independent.

Age: 7 mo.

Nix was found abandoned on an army base with his littermates and they all came to the shelter.

They are all fat and healthy now and always playing.

Age: 7 mo.

Lizard and his sibs were found on an army base and brought into us.

They have grown and learned to trust people and are ready to join new families.

Age: 7 mo.

Rami was found on an army base with his littermates. They were helpless and alone and needed rescuing.

Age: 10 mo.

Sergio never tires of playing, running, pulling ropes etc.

He cannot live with cats but with an experienced family he can get along with dogs.

Age: 2 yr.

Typical pitbull, Baja is all play and fun.  He loves people, tennis balls and ropes.