Dogs available for adoption.

Age: 1 yr.

Sweet Sofia was found wandering in a quiet Jerusalem neighborhood. She was never claimed.

Age: 6 yr.

The amazing thing about dogs is how forgiving they are. Most dogs continue to love and trust humans even after the worst betrayal.

Age: 1 yr.

Conan is sweet and friendly.

Age: 2 yr.

Donny is pretty much perfect and really doesn't deserve what life has thrown at him. Adopted as a puppy he is now back three years later after his owner lost her apartment.

Age: 9 mo.

Chetz was given up by an owner who just doesn't deserve this wonderful soul. He is sweet and friendly, walks nicely on a leash, and is more than likely housebroken.

Age: 3 mo.

Froggy is a sweet adorable puppy who will bring joy and sunshine into your life. She will also pee on your rug and chew your shoes.

Age: 4 yr.

Only Roman knows what happened before he came to us, hurt and starved. He was found alone and wounded in a riverbed near Jerusalem and his owners never came forward.

Age: 12 yr.

For ten years sparkie was a loyal and loving family member, until his family decided he was unwelcome. The usual excuses, no time, no space, blablablah.

Age: 5 mo.

Ziggy was found as a tiny puppy with a serious, nontransmitable skin disease. After weeks of intensive treatment he looks and feels great.

Age: 8 mo.

Atlas was found in the street and ended up in the pound. We pulled her when we realized what a great pet she would make.