Dogs available for adoption.

Age: 4 yr.

Only Roman knows what happened before he came to us, hurt and starved. He was found alone and wounded in a riverbed near Jerusalem and his owners never came forward.

Age: 12 yr.

For ten years sparkie was a loyal and loving family member, until his family decided he was unwelcome. The usual excuses, no time, no space, blablablah.

Age: 5 mo.

Ziggy was found as a tiny puppy with a serious, nontransmitable skin disease. After weeks of intensive treatment he looks and feels great.

Age: 1 yr.

Robin was brought to the city pound, and they asked us to take her since she is so sweet and gentle. We agreed when we saw how extremely adoptable she is.

Age: 8 mo.

Atlas was found in the street and ended up in the pound. We pulled her when we realized what a great pet she would make.

Age: 4 mo.

Naon is so sweet and delicate it is impossible not to fall in love with her. She is a little shy, but gets along with everyone.

Age: 2 yr.

Clyde and his friend Bonnie were picked up in the forest. They are like two big puppies, always ready to play, and they love everyone.

Age: 11 mo.

Yona came to us scared and hurt after being abandoned. He is all healed now and ready to be part of your family.

Age: 3 yr.

Sweet Luna grew up with her family only to be abandoned because of an allergy. She is quiet and well behaved and really misses her family.

Age: 2 yr.

teddy was found abandoned, thin, and hurt. Whatever happened hasn't caused him to be any less loving.