Dogs available for adoption.

Age: 2 yr.

Bublik was raised in a home. She gets along with people and dogs and is housebroken.

Age: 2 yr.

This beautiful husky mix was found wandering and seems to have escaped a bad situation.

Age: 4 mo.

Sweet anabelle was found on the street.  She was terrified but after being showered with love at the shelter she has come out of her shell.

Age: 2 yr.

Kvetch was found in the street and never claimed.

He is very sweet and loves people.  He gets along with dogs.

Age: 1 yr.

Another purebred dog, bought as a toy and dumped when the children tired of him.  People never learn and the true victim here is Papo who now finds himself homeless.

Age: 2 yr.

Shauns world crashed around him when his owners child developed an allergy.

Age: 2 yr.

Benji was bred to be sold, which should make him a precious comodity, but it didn't help him.

Age: 2 yr.

Leechee was raised in a home and abandoned when his family left the country.  He is friendly and well behaved but his new reality is making him nervous and

Age: 7 mo.

Fiaro and her brother were dumped because- "the children promised to take care of them, and they didn't"

Age: 6 yr.

This beautiful Belgian sheperd  was found abandoned and hungry.  She was obviously someones dog, she loves being with people and gets along well with dogs.