Dogs available for adoption.

Age: 10 yr.

Buster spent most of his life serving his country , tied to a cable.

What a terrible existence for an animal as social as the dog.

Age: 7 mo.

Zoey is a young medium sized girl, always cheerful and ready to play.  She has never been in a home and will need work to get used to being part of a family.

Age: 8 mo.

Junior is a young Sharpei mix.  He is very friendly and gets along well with dogs.  He will need training but his winning personality will make it worth it.

Age: 1 yr.

Kase was rescued from a neglectful home.  He is a great dog, friendly and energetic.

He'll make a great pet with a little patience and work, and a good brushing.

Age: 7 mo.

Yael and her brother were found at a roadblock and lived there for their first few months, fed and cared for by kind soldiers.  They were finally rescued and brought to the she

Age: 2 yr.

Lupa is a great dog with bad luck.  She is friendly and housebroken and is desperate to be part of a family again.  Dumped twice,  her first owner left the country and the seco

Age: 1 yr.

Milo came to us a scared and hungry puppy and we had to work hard to win him over.  He is still a little shy but he is so much better and is really eager to make new friends.

Age: 4 mo.

Tory was found as a tiny puppy and brought in to us.  She is still a baby and is always either sleeping or playing.  She will need training but it will certainly be worth it.

Age: 2 yr.

This handsome Rottie mix was found on the street.  He is a great dog, gets along with everyone and always wants to have fun.

Age: 1 yr.

Kisha is friendly and energetic. She loves people and playing with other dogs.