Dogs available for adoption.

Age: 4 yr.

Chivas is a large, ridgeback size dog.  He loves people and is well behaved.  He gets along with dogs, although he is dominant and chases cats.

Age: 1 yr.

Mishka was found as a puppy and brought in to the shelter.  He is full of energy and will need training learn to live in a home.

Age: 1 yr.

Gonda was abandoned when her family split up and no one wanted her.  Sadly this happens often, dogs become victims of divorce.

Age: 5 yr.

Sancho has not had an easy life but he has kept his spirit.

He has a great personality and needs a wonderful family to give him the life he deserves.

Age: 9 yr.

Amanda was abandoned as an older dog.  She has health issues but is stable, and has a wondeful loving nature.

She gets along with everyone and will make a great pet.

Age: 3 mo.

Sweet Chappa was dumped in a pound and we decided to give her a chance.  She is very sweet and friendly and loves to play but of course will need training.

Age: 4 mo.

Henri was brought in to our clinic by kindhearted people who rescued him from the streets of Jerusalem.

Age: 5 mo.

Gordi was found on the street and brought in to us.  He was scared and hungry, but he has grown into a sweet natured boy who will make a great pet with patience and training.

Age: 3 mo.

Nula was left at a roadblock and a kind soldier called us.  She is sweet and playful and needs alot of patience since she is a baby.

Age: 1 yr.

This sweetheart was found wandering and brought in to us.  She is always happy and ready to play but she will need training and she is a bundle of energy.