Dogs available for adoption.

Age: 1 yr.

שאנטי הוא סטף מתוק ונהדר.  הוא הגיע אלינו מהסגר עירוני בעקבות מזג האוויר ונשאר אצלנו כדי שנמצא לו משפחה.

Age: 1 yr.

Gadi is sweet and friendly and gets along with everyone. He came to us from a city pound because the staff there thought he deserved a chance.

Age: 6 mo.

This adorable brindle girl was found on an army base, scared and alone. She came the shelter shy and unsure but now she is always happy and looking for a new playmate.

Age: 1 yr.

Dali was rescued from cruel children by a group of soldiers who took him and called us.

Age: 3 yr.

Just when you think you've heard everything... Nalas family abandoned her in a shelter because they claim- she doesn't love them enough.

Age: 5 yr.

Tiger was found in the street thin and rundown.  Now he is healthy and strong and needs a real home.  He loves people and gets along with most dogs, butnot with cats.

Age: 6 mo.

This interesting piece art came to us from a pound near Jerusalem.  He is sweet and friendly and needs to be trained.

Age: 1 yr.

Sheleg is a full grown labarador who acts like a puppy.  He is big and strong and probably needs training.  On the other hand he is friendly and playful and alot of fun.

Age: 4 mo.

Fuchsia is a beautiful dog who was found wandering the streets.

Age: 5 mo.

Chester was found helpless on a main road just seconds from getting run over. He came to us a little and loving ball of fur.