Dogs available for adoption.

Age: 3 yr.

This gorgeous heartbreaker is Divshon, who immediately causes everyone he meets to fall in love.  He is a little shy, we found him on the street and dont know what happened to s

Age: 8 yr.

Rothchild is a wonderful older rottie mix.  He was found wandering with a badly broken leg.  After three major surgeries he is now mending well and ready to be adopted.  This is

Age: 1 yr.

Gretchen came to us covered in fuel oil.  She had been used as a watchdog and her owner thought this was a good way to kill skin parasites.  She would surely have died, but we w

Age: 7 mo.

Buckley is a sweet puppy with a soft silky coat that just begs to be stroked.  He is still a puppy and will have to learn about living in a home but he is eager to get started.

Age: 1 yr.

We pulled Pixel from a city pound and hope he will have a bright future.  He is very friendly and fairly energetic so be ready for long walks.

Age: 10 mo.

Fishman was tied up outside our shelter one night.  When the staff arrived in the morning he was happy and ready to play, because that is just how he is.  Nothing gets him down,

Age: 1 yr.

Not only is he handsome, like a bar of chocolate, he is also sweet and friendly.  Pound gets along with everyone and is desperate for the right family to come along.

Age: 1 yr.

Axel is a playful and energetic dog.  He is very loving and always wants to play so prepare yourself for a life of fun.

Age: 3 yr.

Vera came to us from a city pound completely bald because of a skin condition. 

Age: 8 mo.

Bilah was still a puppy when her owners realized that a dog is alot ofd work and responsibility.  They didn't bother training her, just dumped her at the shelter.  She needs som