Spay and Neuter

we believe that sterilization of pets is the best and most humane way to end the tragedy that we are witnessing today.

so many thousands of dogs and cats lose their lives every year because they are just unwanted. the shelters are full and the streets are dangerous.

we believe that the answer is to prevent death by preventing birth.

this is why we have always encouraged spaying and neutering, we never adopt out an intact animal, and we encourage people to save money by spaying and  vaccinating with one low-cost package.  we offer these packages in both our locations.

Iin addition we run a low-cost spay/neuter clinic in our shelter. this is a joint project with an organization called Spayisrael.  here we offer special prices for street cats, inncluding a trapping service.

for information and appointments- 0547700221