Our shelter houses cats and dogs of every age for adoption.

We adopt out only vaccinated, sterilized animals.

In addition the dogs are microchipped.

In order to adopt an animal from our shelter the potential family must make an appointment with the adoption coordinator.

When you arrive you will be interviewed in order to make sure a suitable animal is chosen.

We only adopt to homes when we are certain that the whole family is in agreement.

We do not adopt out dogs who will be tied up all the time and we do not adopt out small dogs to a family who want an outdoor dog.

Once you have chosen a new pet you will be asked to sign an adotion contract and pay an adoption fee (dogs NIS 575, cats NIS 350).

This fee covers the shots and treatments your pet has received, as well as sterilization and a check up in our clinic after the adoption.

There is also a liscence fee for dogs.

To make an appointment please call 02-585-4465 or 054-770-0221