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At the JSPCA, our goal is to rescue animals and give them better lives. When you give one of our animals a forever home, you’re doing more than just adopting him or her – you’re also saving an animal’s life, giving a chance to someone who often had no chance at all. Hundreds of thousands of animals are euthanized in Israel every year because there aren’t enough homes for them. Some of our animals come to us injured and neglected, and we do everything possible to restore them to health so that they are adoptable. The JSPCA’s animals come to you after having received veterinary treatment, immunizations, and after spaying or neutering. They are also given a lot of love, which makes it easier for them to integrate into their new homes. Animals who come from the JSPCA have people who care about them, and the JSPCA is there for them even after they are adopted.

You can go to our website for a first introduction to our animals. You can see photos and sometimes videos, and read a few words about them. If you would like to adopt a specific dog or cat, you will have to fill out a brief questionnaire. Then give us a call, and the adoption process will continue from there.

If you decide to continue with the adoption process, we ask that all the adults in the home come to our shelter to meet the dog or cat and read our adoption contract.

Once we’ve spoken on the telephone and the adopting family’s wishes, needs, and abilities have been made clear, the family makes an appointment to visit the shelter. During the meeting, the family tours the kennel or the cats’ area. We try to find the most appropriate pet for the family. If we do, you sign a contract with us, pay the adoption fee, receive guidance, and then take your new friend home.

An adoption contract spells out the responsibilities of the JSPCA and of the adopters once the adoption has taken place. Click here to download a contract.

Yes – and no. There are adoption fees that cover some of the JSPCA’s costs for the immunizations, spaying or neutering, and veterinary treatment that the dog or cat has received. The maximum amount is NIS 1,000. The adoption fee for dogs includes a rabies vaccine, a six-in-one immunization series that protects against six different diseases, spaying or neutering, deworming, microchipping, and a general examination by a veterinarian after the adoption.

Yes. The JSPCA believes that the most humane way to prevent the suffering of additional homeless dogs and cats, who spend their lives in the shelter at best or end up on the side of the road at worst, is to spay and neuter. Every animal in the shelter is spayed or neutered, which only enhances their health and welfare. In rare cases where kittens or puppies are offered for adoption while they are still too young for the procedure, the adopters sign a commitment to bring their new pet in for spaying or neutering once he or she is old enough.

The shelter is open seven days a week until three o’clock, but visits are by appointment only.

The shelter is in the Atarot Industrial Zone, at the northern end of the Begin Expressway.

The adoption fee for a dog includes the puppy shots, rabies shot, deworming, microchip and sterilization

The adoption fee for cats includes two four-in-one immunizations, deworming, spaying or neutering, and a general examination by a veterinarian after the adoption.

Yes. You can find all the basic products that you will need to start your new pet off on the right paw, including anti-parasite treatments.

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Sweet Gershon is a 3-month-old puppy who arrived at our clinic due to an injury. Unfortunately, he was abandoned at the clinic and has since been moved to the shelter. Gershon is a very calm, friendly, and gentle puppy. He will grow to be a medium-sized dog

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An adorable 4-month-old puppy, found wandering, has come to us. She will grow to be a medium-sized, beautiful, social, and active companion eagerly awaiting a warm home

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Sweet Dolly, a three-month-old puppy, arrived with her sister after being found wandering. Dolly is very sociable, curious, and full of joy for life. Both Dolly and her sister are eagerly waiting for a home at the shelter.

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Sweet Angie, a three-month-old puppy, arrived with her sister after being found wandering. Angie is incredibly sociable, curious, and full of joy for life. Both Angie and her sister are eagerly waiting for a home at the shelter.

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Sweet Amber is a year and a half old, a beautiful medium-sized dog. She was adopted a year ago, but unfortunately, she returned because the owner wasn’t really willing to invest in her training. Amber is a slightly shy and nervous sweet dog who loves people very much. She would be happy to find a […]

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Boika, the stunning 4-year-old white Siberian husky, came to us from a home that no longer wanted him. Boika is a large and impressive Siberian husky with high self-confidence and a zest for life. He loves people but is less fond of other male dogs.

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Boten is a big, 4-year-old dog. He is cute and chubby and gets along well with children and familiar people, but he is not very fond of strangers. He has spent some time in a home and is relatively house-trained. Bouten would be happy with a family or a new owner who will train him, […]

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Abiah, the sweet two-year-old, was found in a bad condition by our volunteers. After receiving care and rehabilitation at the clinic, she was finally reunited with her fellow dogs. Abiah is a very sociable dog, enjoys lovely walks on a leash, adores people, and would be thrilled to learn how to live in a home […]

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Hetz, the adorable 4-year-old, has returned to us after 3 years in a home. Hetz needs a home that understands sensitive dogs and knows how to manage him properly to prevent any mistakes. In return, he will love the family, including the children, and provide lots of warmth and affection. Hetz may initially be wary […]

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A one-and-a-half-year-old Cane Corso mix who lived indoors all his life and is accustomed to the domestic environment. He will be best suited for a home that understands the needs of his breed and appreciates the advantages and disadvantages that come with his genetic background. Bagira may be suspicious of strangers initially, but once he […]

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Hilton, the beautiful two-and-a-half-year-old, came to us from a home where he spent his entire life. Hilton is a friendly and sweet dog, accustomed to living indoors, and he will be delighted with a new home that will provide him a permanent place until the end of his days.

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Meet Max, a two and a half-year-old mixed American Akita. Max initially grew up with a family during the first months of his life, but eventually ended up in our shelter. He is truly loyal and incredibly sweet. Max is very sociable and gets along great with other dogs, cats, and people. We are looking […]

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John is an adorable mixed-breed dog, 8 years old, who has had a challenging upbringing and was expelled from his previous home. He has moderate to low energy and is seeking a calm and loving environment. John would be best placed in a home with experience, without young children or other pets. He would also […]

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Amy is a lovely dog who walks beautifully on a leash, full of joy for life. She loves to play, gets along well with most dogs, and adores people and attention. Amy has been waiting for a home at the shelter for quite some time and is eagerly anticipating the right home that will provide […]

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Lucha, a medium-sized 3-year-old female dog, was abandoned at a shelter when she was one year old and has been waiting for a warm home to adopt her ever since. She is friendly with people and other dogs, and she likely knows how to live in a home. Lucha does have an issue with guarding […]

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Snow, the small three-year-old dog, was raised in a home but was abandoned due to the previous owners’ lack of time. Snow is a slightly timid dog with strangers but becomes very loving once he gets to know them. He is well-behaved and suitable for a home environment. However, he should be placed in a […]

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Meet Nait, a large energetic male dog, two and a half years old. He was found tied to the shelter gate by the staff in the morning. Unfortunately, Nait is almost completely deaf, but he has learned to communicate using hand signals through training. He understands a wide range of commands at a good level, […]

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Meet Winnie, the sweet two-and-a-half-year-old dog. He walks excellently on a leash and absolutely loves familiar people. He is very playful and enjoys interacting with people. Winnie is a moderate-energy dog, suitable for a home, and would be delighted to join a loving and accommodating family. He would thrive with consistent training and a designated […]

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Meet Dodo, the amazing young female dog, a year and a half old. She is vaccinated and spayed, joyful and pleasant. She walks beautifully on a leash and loves everyone: dogs, cats, and humans. Dodo is very friendly, loves to play, and is looking for a warm home and a family that will be hers […]

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Meet Sky, a beautiful medium-sized 9-month-old female. Sky was raised in a home since she was two months old but was returned to us due to her owner’s lack of commitment to continue training her. She is a truly sweet and slightly cautious girl who loves people and dogs. She’s looking for a home that […]

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Meet Shnitzel, the amazing eight-year-old. Found wandering outside because his owners no longer wanted him. He’s trying to adapt to life in the shelter after being used to living in a home. He needs a family with experience that will provide him with a good life. Shnitzel is well-behaved, enjoys going for walks on a […]

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Ray is a sweet and affectionate mixed-breed dog. He is highly sociable, energetic, and enjoys going for walks on a leash. He gets along well with most dogs and loves being around people, eagerly seeking cuddles and attention. Ray is vaccinated and neutered, and he is eagerly waiting for a loving family to adopt him […]

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בייגלה חום חוטם שחור - תמונת רוחב


Bagel is a mixed-breed dog with moderate energy. He is anxious about new situations and needs a family that will introduce him to the big world with care, patience, and love. He is vaccinated and neutered, walks nicely on a leash, and is slightly cautious around people. However, once he gets to know them, he […]

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Apollo the playful, 1.5-year-old, is a very friendly dog who gets along well with both dogs and people. He is eagerly awaiting a permanent home where he can be loved and trained. Apollo has previously lived in a home, so he is familiar with some things that will make it easier for his new home. […]

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