Adoption Questionnaire

Part of our policy in JSPCA is to make sure that each and every person who adopts a dog is aware of the responsibility involved in raising him, that he has the ability and desire to care for a dog morally, financially and physically.

Not every person who desires to adopt a pet is able to do so.

This questionnaire is divided into several stages. Fill in everything that is relevant, thus helping us decide whether you and your loved ones are indeed willing to adopt a dog and whether the dog you are interested in is suitable throughout your life.

keep us safe

The Jerusalem Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, is continuing to work in the shelter and in the clinic even in these difficult days. Despite the situation and personal difficulties of each and every one of us, the staff and volunteers are taking care of the animals who are dependent on us.

We are very worried because we do not have a safe and protected place for staff or volunteers. They are completely exposed while the sirens go off, there is no place to run to and take cover.

We are very concerned and looking for a solution.

To this end, we contacted a company that will provide us with two portable “safe spaces” at a cost of $30,000.
We are turning to you to ask for your help. We must keep them safe. 

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