Oneal, the sweet 6-year-old, was previously in a home for 3 years, but unfortunately, she was returned because she didn’t adjust well. Oneal has vision in only one eye and is a gentle and cautious dog. It takes her time to feel secure around new people, but once she trusts, her true personality shines through. […]


Sweet Cookie, who is three and a half years old, needs warmth and love. She always enjoys cuddles, playing, and going on walks. Unfortunately, due to partial blindness caused by neglect, she can barely see with her remaining eye. It will take her more time to adjust to new situations. However, she is a very […]


Meet the lovely bullet. She is 4 years old, with moderate to low energy, incredibly calm, and absolutely adorable. She gets along well with other dogs and loves being pampered with treats and cuddles. Of course, eating is one of her favorite activities. She does have a visual impairment in one of her eyes, but […]

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