סקיני תמונה ראשית

Skinny was found wandering in a state of starvation. Form being Skin and bones became a beautiful and sweet dog.Skinny has Leishmaniasis, a disease that is transmitted by the sand fly and usually occurs in dogs kept outside in desert areas.She is healthy and feeling well but will need to get two pills for a […]


מייקה תמונה ראשית

Mayka was found wandering with her puppies. This is probably a dog who has never been part of a family.At first she was very scared of everyone, but after a few months of dedicated work by the volunteers Mayka is readyGoing out into a family with experience and a desire to give this special girl […]


קוקי תמונה ראשית

Cookie went blind as a result of neglect in her first home . They left her with us without telling us about the eye problems. As a result, Cookie is almost completely blind.Because of this it takes her longer to get used to new situationa and she is very apprehensive. But she is very smart […]


נינה תמונה ראשית

Nina was adopted as a puppy by someone who did not educate her, did not walk with her and then brought her back because it was difficult.Nina is an example of why not adopt a puppy if you do not want to invest time and money.Nina does not know what she did wrong, does not […]


כתם תמונה ראשית

Ketem was adopted seven years ago and then without our knowledge she passed owners twice more. Ketem has been through a lot in life.She is now in a foster home and undergoing medication for health problems and behavior as a result of her wanderings.


בולט תמונה ראשית

A lovely dog who was found wandering. By her behavior she grew with people but we have no information. Very calm and loves everyone.


זום תמונה ראשית

A playful smart and sweet cat


וניאק תמונה ראשית

Stunning beauty looking for caresses and a loving home


ויקי תמונה ראשית

A cuddly sweet cat, came to the shelter as a tiny kitten who was just looking for warmth and love


אינה תמונה ראשית

One of two amazing twins who love to cuddle


אהובה תמונה ראשית

A cute cat, arrived with severe mouth infections and is now healthy and waiting for a loving home


הילדה תמונה ראשית

Cute and cuddly loves people


הולי תמונה ראשית

A beautiful nice and delicate cat two of her brothers were adopted and she is left with one more brother.


גשם תמונה ראשית

A relatively small cat small for its age.Very cute needs warmth and love. Her two brothers were adopted and she was left alone.


גוצה תמונה ראשית

Came with terrible inflammation in the eye and the eye had to be removed gets along with other cats ,very friendly and cuddly.


אורסולה תמונה ראשית

A cowardly cat always looking for a bed to cuddle in


לוצה תמונה קדמית

Abandoned by a family who adopted her and she is frustrated. Has a lot of energy, need someone to run with


חוף תמונה ראשית

A big dog used to living outside. Grew up in a family that did not set boundaries and that is why it needs someone who will be happy to work with it.


באגי תמונה קדמית

She got abandoned after five years at home, and took it very hard, but as soon as she will be adopted into a good home – she will relax and show you her love.


ביילי תמונה קדמית

A beautiful and healthy cat has arrived a little puppy looking for warmth and love. loves other cats.


ונסה תמו נה קדמית

Arrived very sick and aggressive and became an amazing cat.


וורוניקה תמונה קדמית

Stunning and healthy cat very playful and loves to cuddle with cats.


גל תמונה קדמית

Gentle and friendly cat


ג'נט מבט מקדימה

A gentle, calm and friendly cat. Came to us as a small puppy with inflamed eyes.


יעל תמונה ראשית

A Medium mixed breed dog raised in the Shelter. Very fond of “her” people and keeps them and their place safe. A good and brave dog


תמונה קדמית של דריה

Upright and noble is Daria, a beautiful one-year-old Belgian shepherd. She is sociable, super energetic, but also hesitant.Although she is not particularly fond of cats, she gets along with other dogs.


תמונה של קסם

A big and beautiful white dog, very sociable to those she knows, not suitable for a home with small children, will fit into a home with experience and know how to educate and set boundaries for her.


לינה תמונה ראשית

Lina is one of the smart dogs we have. Does not get along with cats, and will not fit into a family with children! Suitable for a home that is experienced with dogs.