פרינס תמונה ראשית

As his name implies, He is the prince of the shelter. He is an energetic dog and it is difficult for him to accept authority.He is about a year and a half old, and like a baby – he is playful, sometimes pushes boundaries and needs to be put in place.Therefore, he needs a family […]


אנזו תמונה ראשית

Big Enzo thinks he’s a baby. He is very strong, and very fond of people, has less love for dogs and cats. Need someone with experience to work with.


פאפילוס תמונה ראשית

Papilus was adopted and raised in a family for several years but it turned out that he does not love children.He is housebroken and does not need much activity, but he needs a caring home that will give him time to settle and learn to accept new people.


נולי תמונה ראשית

Nuly came to us as a puppy and grew up all his life in the shelter. Nuly is very afraid of any person and new situation and needs a supportive and experienced environment. Our beloved Nuly desperately needs a home with experience in raising dogs. But, it is also possible to be a foster home, […]


ויני תמונה ראשית

Ginger Cat joyful and very playful


הרצל תמונה ראשית

Came lacking an eye and grew up to be an amazing cat who loves to cuddle with other cats


הנרי תמונה ראשית

A calm and nice cat he is a little hesitant looking for a warm home


בובי תמונה ראשית

Chubby and purrs a lot looking for a warm home


אסוואד תמונה ראשית

Arrived a small, sooty puppy and has and grown to be a beautiful furry black cat a little hesitant and waiting for people to be patient with him


אביגדור תמונה ראשית

A cowardly and mischievous cat he is one of three siblings


זיגי תמונה ראשית

A medium size Dog who grew up in the Shelter. Ziggy is a quiet and calm dog that does not require much. Because of so many the years in the shelter Ziggy is afraid of new people and situations


פניקס תמונה ראשית

A gentle and sweet little kitten who seeks all day long warmth and love and to be on someone hands


פג תמונה ראשית

Cute playful and adorable


הורדוס תמונה ראשית

A cute ginger cat he is waiting for a good home after his two brothers were adopted and he is now left with his sister.


הוק תמונה ראשית

Cute and smart looking for the family that will make him happy


גזר תמונה ראשית

A hesitant cat who is afraid of people however gets along with other cats.


מורדי תמונה ראשית

Tall and beautiful and wants to play. Mordy needs long walks and challenging games


היבי תמונה ראשית

Grew in the shelter since he was a puppy and that is why he is afraid of strangers


בוס תמונה ראשית

A cute pit bull who grew up at home and was abandoned. Very fond of people, long walks and sofas. Does not get along with other animals.


באדי תמונה ראשית

A dog that is loyal to the family but has a hard time with strangers. Smart and energetic.


גוי תמונה קדמית

A furry dog That grew in a house until his owned passed away


ויטלי תמונה ראשית

Vitaly is a little fearful seeks a loving and patient home.


אלירן תמונה ראשית

Arrived two months old, cried in the street non-stoparrived full of fleas and today a big healthy cat and the ruler of the room,loves cats and human contact still a little scared.


אריס תמונה קדמית

A Mixed Border Collie has Fear of new people and situations. Need some work, freindly with female dogs.


פסטה תמונה ראשית

Grew up at home since he was six months old, but due to the unfortunate medical reasons of his adoper, she was unable to take care of him anymorePasta experiences anxiety and takes time to open up to people he does not know.Therefore, he needs a very patient home (with priority without children) that will […]


צסטר תמונה ראשית

Chester the Prince of the shelter a very happy dog loves people, Gets along with most dogs but not so much with cats.


צויס תמונה קדמית

Choice is a perfect dog with a big heart who loves people and is good with children. Does not get along with most dogs.


תמונה של אברשה

Sweet and cute Abrasha , very gentle and hesitant,recently he is getting better and starting to love people more, born January 2019, will be happy for a patient home,preferably with experience of cowardly dogs.


וובה תמונה ראשית

Veba was found near a trash can with a very inflamed mouth, after hospitalization, long treatment and lots of love our Veba reached the age of 5 monthsand today he is a healthy, beautiful, and happy cat.