Our Shelter

The JSPCA shelter, which is located in the Atarot Industrial Zone, is home to approximately 350 animals – about 150 dogs and 200 cats. All the animals living at the shelter are waiting for adoption by loving homes.

Our kennel is home to abandoned dogs that have been found in all sorts of places, such as the Judean Desert, the outskirts of Jerusalem, or chained to a tree in the Jerusalem forest; dogs that have been hit by cars, puppies born on army bases outside the city, or dogs that have been abandoned by their owners. On arriving at the shelter, the dogs are examined by a veterinarian, are spayed or neutered, and receive all immunizations. After a period of acclimation, they are placed in one of 16 yards, where they are with other dogs. All the yards are spacious enough for the dogs to run, play, and enjoy as much freedom as possible. Twice a week, volunteers take the dogs for walks on leashes in order to get them used to walking on leashes once they have been adopted. Veterinarians are on duty at the shelter most days of the week to treat the animals who live there.

Adoptions take place at the shelter on an ongoing basis, by prior appointment.


תמונת חתול: גריי

About 200 cats live in the shelter’s cat area. Most of them came to us as kittens. Older cats have difficulty adapting to life in the cat area. All the kittens are spayed or neutered, and after a period of domestication, they are released into the cat area where they live in freedom. The cat area contains rooms where sick cats can be isolated and their health monitored by a veterinarian.


Thousands of cats and dogs have found loving homes thanks to the work of the JSPCA.

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