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לינה תמונה ראשית


The beautiful Lina was born in February 2018, she came to us after being abandoned from home, where she grew up tied up in a yard. She gets along with a handful of dogs and not at all with cats, but is accustomed to walking with a leash. She needs an experienced home can be with dogs and no children, one that will be willing to work with her patiently, a home that will help her rebuild trust! Lina is only suitable for a person with experience who is willing to work with her and who is not afraid of her.

Name: Lina
Age: 3
Date of birth: 2018
Sex: Female
Size: Medium
Color: White, Brown, Black
Level of education: She grew up in the yard and is therefore not educated for life at home, accustomed to walking with a leash
Breed: Mixed
Fur: Long
Suitable for: People who have raised a dog in the past, Not suitable for a home with small children, House without cats
Key character: smart and energetic


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