volunteering in jspca

The JSPCA is assisted by volunteers in almost all of its activities. The board of directors of the association is composed entirely of volunteers and also includes the treasurer of the association (voluntarily), the director of the shelter (volunteer) and the director of resource mobilization who also serves as the chairman of the association (and volunteering of course).

At our shelter, volunteers are active 7 days a week. The activists help the staff during the week, while on the weekends they run the activity independently. On days when transportation to the place is limited there are those who even sleep in the place to ensure that the animals will be taken care of even on such days.

There are those who are more attached to cats, and there are those who are more attached to dogs – but what they have in common is a great love for animals and a strong sense of commitment to those who do not have a family to take care of.

The activities in her kennels include walks with dogs that are in quarantine, cleanliness of cells as well as assistance in feeding dogs that are in the yards. In cats, the activity includes food and water distribution, sandbox filtering, cleaning rooms and hospital cells.

On adoption days, volunteers help transport dogs and keep them in the places they go.

Animal Cruelty also holds information booths throughout the city on Fridays – and this too is an activity done by the volunteers.

Animal welfare volunteers cannot be under the age of 16. For those over this age volunteering is conditional on meeting in the presence of a parent or counselor.

A volunteer at the shelter should arrive locked in high and closed shoes, dressed in work clothes (such as can be soiled), a drinking bottle (can be filled with water), a hat in the summer and it is recommended to bring a light meal.

Volunteering hours at the shelter are 08:30 – 15:30 and you can volunteer for half a day, provided it is the first half of the day (08:30-12:30).

There is public transport in the morning and in the afternoon only. There is no public transport in the middle of the day. The bus route can be found here

For those who arrive by car – the address of the shelter should be put in Waze: P’ri Amal 3.

Volunteering is by appointment only by phone:

Sunday-Thursday – Adi 052-2635-838

Days Friday and Saturday- Kati 050-422-6063

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