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ויקי מסתכלת למצלמה


A cuddly sweet cat, came to the shelter as a tiny kitten who was just looking for warmth and love

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הרצל תמונה רוחבית


Came lacking an eye and grew up to be an amazing cat who loves to cuddle with other cats

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אסוואד תמונה רוחבית


Arrived a small, sooty puppy and has and grown to be a beautiful furry black cat a little hesitant and waiting for people to be patient with him

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אהובה תמונה רוחבית


A cute cat, arrived with severe mouth infections and is now healthy and waiting for a loving home

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פניקס תמונה רוחבית


A gentle and sweet little kitten who seeks all day long warmth and love and to be on someone hands

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הורדוס תמונה רוחבית


A cute ginger cat he is waiting for a good home after his two brothers were adopted and he is now left with his sister.

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הולי תמונה רוחבית


A beautiful nice and delicate cat two of her brothers were adopted and she is left with one more brother.

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גשם תמונה רוחבית


A relatively small cat small for its age.Very cute needs warmth and love. Her two brothers were adopted and she was left alone.

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גזר תמונה לרוחב


A hesitant cat who is afraid of people however gets along with other cats.

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גוצה שוכבת על שמיכה


Came with terrible inflammation in the eye and the eye had to be removed gets along with other cats ,very friendly and cuddly.

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ביילי תמונה רוחבית


A beautiful and healthy cat has arrived a little puppy looking for warmth and love. loves other cats.

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ג'נט תמונה רוחבית


A gentle, calm and friendly cat. Came to us as a small puppy with inflamed eyes.

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אלירן תמונה לרוחב


Arrived two months old, cried in the street non-stoparrived full of fleas and today a big healthy cat and the ruler of the room,loves cats and human contact still a little scared.

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וובה שוכב


Veba was found near a trash can with a very inflamed mouth, after hospitalization, long treatment and lots of love our Veba reached the age of 5 monthsand today he is a healthy, beautiful, and happy cat.

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